Shutdown notice URL Shortener has discontinued its service, effective immediately.

About has been providing a free url shortening service since 2009. We began with an idea years ago to create a user friendly URL shortener with the shortest links possible, and launched in the spring of 2009. We believe that our users are unique, with unique stories and ideas that they want to share. That's why we think they deserve unique, easy to remember URLs that can be easily spread by word of mouth and communicated over the phone.

Unfortunately our operational costs kept growing to a point where it was no longer sustainable, forcing us to shutdown our URL shortenening service on September 15th 2017.

We have launched an effort to keep existing links alive, which comes without any guarantees. We will do our best to keep this service running as long as possible. Please do update your links as they might stop working in the future. Thanks for your understanding.

The Team

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